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We are a professional travel agency dedicated to our customers. With a warm smile and great service we want you to experience the beauty of Turkey.

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Istanbul Shopping Fest 7- 29 June 2014

Istanbul shopping fest is an annual event in Istanbul since the first celebration on 18 March – 26 April 2011, took place for 40 days and 40 nights. Besides great discount and tax free on retail items, there were a lot of activities being carried out such as musical concerts, dance performance, parades, street shows ... Continue Reading

New in Upcoming events

Tulip festival Istanbul 4-18 April 2014

. Why not come to Istanbul and Turkey at this wonderful time, less crowds, and weather is generally great for wandering around.  Though it is widely accepted that tulips are Dutch, they were exported from Turkey in the 17th Century.  the parks and road medians are an array of wonderful colours.  The best places to g ... Continue Reading